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Tor II: Where Design, Function and Couples Fun Unite.

The beautiful individuals at LELO have released another of their beautiful toys and delightfully apt ‘objects of pleasure’ this time – geared towards a guy and his female lover. The Tor II is a new cock ring whose sole purpose is to bring pleasure into the bedroom for couples. As with all cock rings – it has multiple purposes; the first being is that it helps maintain erections by limiting blood flow to the penile region. This limited blood flow allows rock hard erections that last longer than normal. This cock ring is of a beautiful design, both aesthetically pleasing with a practical purpose. It comes in several colours including purple, black and green. With a smooth velvet silicone finish, it will not become tacky, dry or sticky. The silicone, so long as it is maintained, will always stay velvety smooth with a little give in it. Unfortunately, if you’re quite girthy (as in need specialized condoms) this toy will not fit you and you’ll need to stick to the much lower quality rubber cock rings with much more stretch in them. The tor II is the epitome of class and design – intended for the guy that knows what he likes and how he likes it.

Lelo Cock Ring

Cock rings are also well known for their ability to delay ejaculation and increase the intensity of the male orgasm. The constriction of the shaft means that the muscles have to work that touch bit harder which can have profound impact upon your orgasm. Where this becomes a couple’s toy however – is in the vibrations.

At the top of this little ring – is a very powerful motorised bullet which delivers intense vibrations to not only the penis and balls, but also to the clitoris as penetrative sex occurs. With each thrust, the motor will rest on the clitoris which can certainly help with rhythm training – after a few goes with a toy like this your technique will be vastly improved! That’s not to say you don’t already have a fantastic technique, but there’s always room for growth, trying new things, or simply to just spice it up. So maybe, rather than taking your sweetheart out for dinner for an anniversary or for date night – maybe you should buy both of you a beautifully exquisite cock ring. Indeed, why should you settle for a dinner at a restaurant (which, predictably, will have a particularly pricey menu particularly for a simple nights pleasure), when you could be unwinding at home experimenting with what LELO showcases as “The World’s Most Powerful Waterproof and Rechargeable Couples’ Ring”? It is designed to bring delight to both of you and will be lasting long into the night after that last glass of wine. What’s even better is that it is perfectly suited for round two in the shower as the new design makes this sexy little bad boy completely waterproof.

lelo cock ring

The configuration of the TOR II is pretty much as smooth and attractive as the other vibrators within the Lelo range, it screams class. This company pays attention to detail and you’ll see that when you first pick up a Lelo box and the way that it has been packaged. It sports a quality silicone one-piece shell – meaning it’s completely protected, solid and 100% waterproof (thanks to a new style of charger).  By waterproof I mean that you can even use it in the shower and spa! It has a mixture of different features and vibrations which can be easily customised at various levels. What I mean by that is that the pulses on it can be set at different levels of vibrations – so rather than a set speed and a set style of pulse you can mix and match your pleasure at your whimsical desires.

Having only attempted an disposable rings before and some of the battery operated cock rings I was extremely impressed with the force of the vibrations from the TOR II and it absolutely hit the spot for both myself and my girlfriend. The only kind of downside that I felt was that the vibrations to some degree distracted from the normal pleasures I feel during sex, and because the toy is thicker than some other cock rings the depth of the sex was a smidgeon shorter than normal. In any case, I think I’d just become accustomed to particular sensations during sex and in any case, even this won’t stop us using it again. I can certainly see how it would be to a great degree helpful to a few individuals in the circumstance where a female needs additional excitement or when a guy needs to last a touch longer, the TOR II would without a doubt be for you.

We-Vibe 4 Plus – Ergonomically Correct Design:

The We Vibe four plus is a prime example where sleek design meets the current technology. The we-vibe family is world renowned for being one of the most sophisticated couple’s toys on the markets. In fact, it has a unique design that is shared by no-one else in the world. The we-vibe family started back a few years ago when its founder was dismayed to discover the amount of sex toys on the market which contained toxic or harmful chemicals. As well as that, there was no toy on the market which was specifically geared towards couples – indeed every toy on the market at the time was female orientated. That’s not to say that you couldn’t use a vibrator on your partner, just that it wasn’t specifically tailored towards them. The We-Vibe – emerging on the market in 2008 – changed that drastically. The We-Vibe is worn by a female during sex; it focuses specifically on her two most pleasurable centres; the g-spot and the clitoris. It provides direct vibration to those two key areas during sex whereby it then vibrates on the shaft of the penis as well – delivering powerful vibrations to everyone involved! Check the picture below as a visual representation of how this works.

the g-spot and the clitoris

The First we-vibes were not remote controlled, and were instead controlled by a small button hidden in the top clitoral vibrator. This was later scrapped as it was considered clunky and annoying; in order to change the setting one had to grip tightly on a presumably lubricated product in order to change the setting. It didn’t take long for we-vibe to respond. In 2011 the we-vibe three hit the markets. Similar shape as before, but now it was waterproof, and had a remote control added in! The we-vibe four changed the shape and material of the toy to make it more form fitting and body hugging to remove the issues people had before with it falling out. Now introduce the We-vibe four plus. The we vibe four plus is a rechargeable couples toy that comes with a huge guarantee in the sex industry; firstly it is the biggest selling couples toy on the market. Secondly; it is one of the few toys that come with a one year replacement warranty. Finally a company that protects its consumers! The four plus ditched it’s rechargeable remote idea in favour of a battery operated remote (a reason I’m still not entirely sure about) but In one of the most innovative advancements I’ve seen for a while – they added the capability to control the we-vibe with an app.

we vibe 4

The We-Vibe 4 or more has an astounding new element; it permits ones partner to control the vibrator over long distances. I don’t mean remote control (in spite of the fact that the We-Vibe 4 Plus does additionally accompany a remote, for short separation control) i‘m talking about anywhere in the world kind of control. Couples can download an application to their cell phones and utilize this to join and play with the We-Vibe 4, whether they are in the same room, or in distinctive nations. So long as the phone it has an internet connection can control the we-vibe four from anywhere in the world. But that wasn’t good enough – not only did they have to give you control from anywhere in the world – but they also let you completely customise the toys vibrations with your fingertips. You can create your own custom vibrations and save them ready to implement at a moment’s notice.

we vibe vibrators

All you have to do is have the couple using the toy download the app. You have to match up your We-Vibe 4 Plus to the app – don’t panic, it’s not an overly difficult process and the app will pretty much walk you through it. It’ll take roughly about 1.7 minutes of your time. It connects by means of Bluetooth LE (and Bluetooth LE compatible phones) and once matched up, you can control the toy through your mobile phone. For your lover to control the toy, they need to have the app as well. When they have it, you load up your app – it’ll send your partner a message with a link – click it and off you go! If it sounds like fun – it is because it is fun!

The we-vibe four is a fantastic toy for couples that like to travel apart a lot, either through business or pleasure. Or even couples that enjoy the standard cock ring but want something with more longevity to it.The we-vibes innovative features are new to the market and I for one, certainly hope that we see more of them.

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