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Modern Dada artistry is a blend of contemporary, abstract and minimalistic art and is often referred to as non-art due to its ambivalence to accepted art forms and techniques.  If you are dada artist or who-ha dada artist and wish to have your website link, address or other details listed please contact us here.  All dada artists links and contact details are added to our site free of charge and all website traffic is provided to you on a gratis basis.

Why not check out Rudy Ernst in His Dada Action Piece –

If you have any articles or relevant graphic or text information we are happy to add this to our site.  Please complete the quick contact form below for any inquiries or contact our offices between the hours of 9.30am-4.30pm Mon-Fri Western Standard times.

We may provide a e-commerce page on this website if enough dada artists wish us to broker sales for their works.

Check out this 1928 Dada Film

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