The Dadaartistry Of Adult Toys

The Dadaartistry Of Adult Toys

Dada Artistry In Adult Toys | Adult Toy Artistry

Adult Toy Dada Artistry | Who-Ha Da-Da Adult Toys


How design is empowering us to feel good, from the inside out.

When we consider notions such as aesthetically pleasing, or good design, or even modern design, sex shops—with their neon lights, darkened out windows, shabby looking items, and dimly lit stores—are not the first thing that will come to mind. However, that’s changing. There’s been a fundamental shift in recent years to not only create a classy adult toy, but to also change the way that those toys are sold and to present them in a classy, friendly and up-market manner. There are adult stores now that are now situated in prime real estate locations all around the world. These new breed of adult stores are situated on ground floors in the middle of CBD’s and can be brightly lit and aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, New York interior designer Karim Rashid, has renovated several of the Fun Factory stores in Munich owned by the international toy company, Fun Factory. His intention was to create a store and environment driven by emotions such as desire, and passion – a simple look through some of the below photos will demonstrate how his vision has transpired.

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Fun factory released an official statement in regards to the new design where they dismissed the old preconceptions of adult stores and the usual clichés associated with them and that the New Munich Fun Factory store is a store that satisfies primal desire. Sex toys should no longer be considered marginal and taboo and ‘sex and sex toys, like design, are now ubiquitous’ Rashid released in a statement. ‘The underlying narratives of sex toys . . .are desire, form, seduction, beauty, and physicality.’

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It is thus clear then that in order to update themselves with such futuristic and forward thinking notions – adult toys must also undergo renovations. There have been many innovative leaps on the technological aspect, but the simple design of toys has sometimes been lacking. Indeed, Sex toys have endured terrible designs for years, which, is in part thanks to the social shame of purchasing or owning an adult toy and it is this internalized social shame which makes it harder for customers to stand up and grumble when they’re unhappy with a toys design. As it would turn out, who in their right mind are going to mount an open crusade if their vibrator is excessively clumsy, poorly designed, breaking easily, poor quality materials or even just unhappy with their purchases. This, thanks in part to the internet, is rapidly changing. There are online bloggers, crusaders that are speaking out against the adult toy industry and whom are forcing the manufacturers to listen to their customer base, actively work with them in designing and making toys that are not only practical – but also don’t look like they’re still from the eighties.

This is where the good news comes to the table. Luckily for ladies (and men) all around, a small bunch of innovative designers are planning to push awful sex toys to the edges by applying attentive design to the toys we use for joy.  These companies are listening to their clients and use feedback to constantly improve their toy lines. Companies such as Jimmyjane, Lelo, We Vibe, Fun Factory to name a few companies that are utilising creative directors and aesthetic  pleasure to design their new ranges of toys. Indeed, in a nod to bringing sex toys to the mainstream Luxury Swedish Company, Lelo, has produced a film called beyond the wave. Their reasoning behind bringing out a short film is:

‘To encourage couples to connect with the story, and through the act of watching the movie itself show the richness of different perspectives. That’s also the thinking behind the interactive Play Together experience – by bringing couples closer, physically and emotionally. The trailer becomes a catalyst for a rich, shared experience that’s fun and completely unique; the act of becoming a part of the journey together overtakes the action itself.’

Have a look for yourself and you be the judge!


It’s clear that toy companies are bringing sex toys to the forefront of design in an attempt to surpass the social awkwardness of owning one.  Indeed, Yves Behar, Chief Creative Director of the wearable technology Jawbone has also teamed up with the CEO of Jimmy Jane Ethan Imboden, to design modern sex toys and to free the fate of old sex toys making dusty racks in sleazy shops. The aim is to lift up the standards and to make sex toys look and feel where they should be up to in terms of practicality, design and innovativeness.

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