How to please a girl in sex?

How to please a girl in sex?

Surely, many of you are wondering or have wondered at least once the question of how to please a girl in sex and give your woman maximum pleasure in bed. If so, then you’ve come to the right place.


Surely, many of you are wondering or have asked at least once the question of how to give your woman the maximum unforgettable pleasure in bed. If yes, then you’ve come to the right place: today we will look at the basic techniques that we have selected specifically for this occasion.


Of course, some of the following may not suit your partner specifically, and it makes sense to use this text as a literal guide to use only if you discuss it with your partner. But you can definitely get knowledge and a couple of tricks!


To begin with, I would advise you to have silk sheets in stock, well, just in case: according to surveys among my girlfriends and from experience, it turned out that in most of their fantasies they would like this kind of coverage on the bed. (If, of course, the case found you in a classic bed, which is not always necessary and not so important).

All the ways to please a girl

Forward, behind the secrets of female unreal pleasure:

Give her a hot bath and fill her with petals of her favorite flowers. Yes, a little romance won’t hurt anyone – hot water will increase its circulation in the pelvic area, which will make it easier to achieve orgasm later. If possible, you can take a joint bath, where you can gently massage and rub her back. After that, take her in your arms and carry her to bed (where a silk sheet is already waiting for you, remember?).



Start to massage her, lightly and gently touch her, because the sensors on the delicate female skin, with light touches, send scattered, vague and teasing signals to the partner’s brain, as a result of which her sensations are aggravated, because the brain gives the command to listen to what is happening. This is what someone calls excitement.


  • During the massage, be sure to massage her feet, pay special attention to the place under the bend of the thumbs on both legs, do not press too hard, this place is very tender.
  • It is better to start with lightly warming up the entire foot with your palms, then pay attention to each scrupulous finger and massage this magic point for a couple of minutes, pressing it with a force equal to pressing a tight button of some intercom.
  • Massage gently but sensually.


While gently touching, blow a thin stream onto her skin, lick her in sensitive areas and blow again. The moisture from this will begin to evaporate, which will give your friend a pleasant feeling of chill. You can even try pouring a little wine on it – the evaporation will be more intense, and the sensations will intensify even more. Never pour alcohol on your crotch! The mucous membranes are very sensitive. Remember this!



Speak in a low, gentle tone. The fact is that the third most attractive feature in a man, women consider, oddly enough, a low, as if slightly cold voice.



During caresses and massage, you should also pay attention to the woman’s tummy – at a distance of about 8-10 centimeters from the navel, in the center, there is a certain area, and if you gently press on it, then your partner in most cases (excluding painful conditions and pathologies ) will experience pleasant sensations similar to intercourse (as they say, for this a woman should be given a little drink – tea, alcohol, a little water – does not matter).


Sex Topics

Whisper to her what she wants and loves. It must be something exciting, something that pleases her. You should already know this if you’ve gotten to this point. Different girls like different things – to someone a romantic whisper about what kind of goddess she is, and in some other and the last curses cause a riot of feelings. Proven topic: whispering her name. It has always helped me in seduction.


Oral sex

A great way is to get the most out of your tongue! Start sex with oral sex! Bite her and caress her tongue – do not be afraid to hurt her a little, grab her most delicate areas with your teeth and tongue. Use language techniques actively! It is very important to calibrate its feedback here. Know that what one girl likes might not be liked by another!


And now it came to the process.


  • It is important to maintain a pace that is acceptable to both partners – it would seem so, but the girl will experience much more sensations and emotions if you change the pace, break it and change the frequency and depth of your frictions.
  • Monotony is boring – remember this.


Try to lower her head downward – try during classical poses to move your partner so that her head seems to hang in the air – for example, tilting her on the edge of the bed – let her stay in this position, and you continue. Soon the rush of blood will do its job, and your friend will feel dizzy, and this greatly contributes to new, stronger sensations. (It’s important not to overdo it: few people want to have sex with an unconscious girl.)


These are the main tips for you to have the best night in your life, so do everything as said. Also you can watch some porn together, or masturbate your penis with porn before sex to have it ready for 100%. The best milf pov xxx videos can be the best way for you to relax and prepare.

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