How Dadaism Revealed Sexuality? What Things Does It Affect in the Modern World?

How Dadaism Revealed Sexuality? What Things Does It Affect in the Modern World?

We cannot completely abandon the past. However, a hundred years ago, the Dadaists, representatives of one of the critical movements in world art, tried to argue with this position. The modern understanding of their ideas now leads to revealing sexuality and the freedom to find any kind of love on various dating sites.

People are starting to revive and popularize ideas from a century ago to get out of the protracted crisis. Perhaps soon, the Dadaists’ thoughts will lead us to a new concept, unlike all previous art movements. In this article, you will learn all about sexuality in Dadaism and understand how surprisingly old views relate to modern reality.

Dadaism art and modern understanding

There are several theories about how the name “Dada” originated. But what are the characteristics of Dadaism art? The most widespread of the possible was the theory about the Dadaists’ imaginary agreement with the outside world. Dada hides behind itself a slight mockery of reality, recognizing the diversity and polemics of public views..

Today we are also trying to refute rules and get rid of clichés. Critical thinking becomes an extremely important quality of a person who does not want to drown in the stream of manipulation and opinions. In many ways, we strive to think in different categories since the truth is no longer absolute.

Now conclusions depend on clear argumentation and the angle from which the light falls on this or that problem. However, we can only envy such complete freedom of Dadaism art. The language can no longer afford to be empty; each character is endowed with a special meaning. Feminitives, or the desire to draw the line between genders with the right words, such as pansexual and queer, are prime examples.

Rrose Sélavy and the Drag Queen Movement

One of the main representatives of the trend, Marcel Duchamp, found an additional resource for creativity in himself – a woman’s energy. He created an alter ego and named his another personality, Rrose Sélavy. It cannot be considered just dressing up. On behalf of a person not devoid of tenderness and coquetry, Duchamp performed in public, signed works, and participated in photoshoots. It was reminiscent of the “Drag Queen” movement, which began almost half a century later.

The development of “Drag Queen” and the Dadaism in art, meaning sexual freedom, was driven by a desire for eccentricity and an attempt to prove that female character traits could be inherent in men in the most unexpected forms. As part of this idea, men of various sexual orientations have created a shocking image of a diva that attracts attention at concert venues and performances. “Drag Queen” is an excellent proof that the human personality’s versatility goes far beyond its sexual characteristics, and the growing popularity indicates a higher level of freedom and tolerance in society.

Readymades and Instagram

How to identify Dadaism art? What is the difference between dada and surrealism? Duchamp began his revolution in the world perception of creativity with the creation of the first readymade. He said the artist’s main goal was “to create a work of art that is not art.” In other words, a readymade is an unexpected contact with an object that is taken out of its usual context and elevated to the status of a work of art. Now the artist’s task is to choose a thing, deprive it of its usual function, and set a new trajectory.

At first glance, it appeared rather not obvious that it was Duchamp’s idea, his idea of ​​creating a readymade, that gained popularity among Instagram users. Photos of food, sunsets, clothes, and architecture are also “readymade” parts of the surrounding world, which require only the look of a person who sees beauty and meaning even in household items.

Humor and Eroticism

The Dadaism art drew a clear line between humor and eroticism. The first is the door to new opportunities, without which intellectual progress is unimaginable. Duchamp’s “fountain,” a rethought urinal, or placing a mustache in the painting “Mona Lisa,” made the representatives of world art look at things differently, laugh at the mundane, and things considered “sacred.” As for eroticism, it is something serious and down-to-earth. Already a hundred years ago, Dadaism art started talking about the most common thing in the world that everyone understands, about what leads to the comprehension of their own desires and understanding of other people.


Like Dadaism art, striving for complete freedom, we increasingly drive ourselves into the framework of public opinion in order to avoid unwanted offenses. How to make Dadaism art help us understand the world? Perhaps it is this position that has led modern man to believe that everyone has sexuality and individual needs. More and more projects are created to prove the following: sexuality is a normal part of life, which can and should be talked about to avoid tragic consequences and destructive relationships with oneself and others.

What do you think about the influence of Dadaism on the modern understanding of sexuality? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.


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