What Is A Fleshlight & How To Purchase One?

What Is A Fleshlight & How To Purchase One?

The sex toys market is mostly oriented towards women, thus providing an incredibly limited range of male-oriented toys to choose from. However, the fleshlight is believed to be the most popular variant, providing realistic sensation and improving men’s sexual stamina.

Its shape of a regular flashlight is what makes this sex toy amazingly discreet and convenient to store. These devices are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. There is a myriad of online reviews, such as https://www.anastasiasextoys.com/best-fleshlight/, helping potential customers make the best choice of a fleshlight.

Learn more about this device and what features to consider when purchasing one.


A fleshlight is unquestionably one of the most prominent male sex toys, taking the role of a male masturbator. This sex toy resembles a regular flashlight as long as the cap is screwed but once you remove it, you’ll find a sleeve that imitates the female reproductive organ. The purpose of the fleshlight is for a man to experience an almost identical sensation to the one of having sexual intercourse.

Moreover, the inner sleeve of this device is molded from the genitalia of a real woman, while the latest models are molded from the inner parts of porn stars, thus becoming even more popular in the online market. Owing to their suction function, some of these models create the sensation of having oral intercourse. Considering the myriad of fleshlight variants, there are a couple of indispensable features to take into account when making a purchase, such as the following ones.


The primary feature to consider when purchasing such a sex toy is the texture of the inner sleeve, which is responsible for the stimulating sensation that users experience. There’s an extensive range of textures for buyers to choose from, each of them specific in the sensation it provides. Therefore, make sure you decide whether you wish to purchase a fleshlight solely for pleasure or for the purpose of training your sexual stamina.

Moreover, you can even purchase a vibrating model if you are looking for greater intensity in comparison with the standard ones. Most of the vendors provide potential customers with pictures of textures on their sites, thus enabling buyers to make a reasonable choice. Some manufacturers even allow customers to build their own fleshlights in case they find the standard models unappealing. However, keep in mind that these models cost more than the regular ones.


Another important consideration when purchasing a fleshlight is the size of the sex toy, which is important in terms of storage. Consequently, people who lack large storage space are advised to purchase a smaller variant for greater convenience. Click here for some useful tips about discreetly storing your toys. Also, you’ll have no trouble selecting the right size, as all manufacturers provide the dimensions of the sex toys on their official websites.

Although most men relate the size of this sex toy to the size of their genitalia, the largest part of the fleshlight models is created to fit a wide range of sizes. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about choosing the wrong size or wasting your time on unnecessary size calculations.


In order to enjoy maximal pleasure, make sure you purchase a fleshlight that provides excellent convenience, such as the fully automated models. Additionally, it’s paramount for the sex toy to be convenient when it comes to cleaning so as to maintain good hygiene and prevent infections.

Therefore, you are advised to clean your fleshlight after using it, which not only improves your hygiene but it provides greater durability of the toy as well. Make sure you remove the interior sleeve, use warm water to wash it, rinse it, and leave it until it’s properly dry. It’s essential to avoid sanitizers and soaps when cleaning the toy, as these cleaning agents are likely to deteriorate the silicone. You should either use water or special products for cleaning such materials.


When it comes to material, fleshlights are made from one that’s patented under the name SuperSkin. This material provides incredible softness, thus successfully imitating the human skin and providing real-life sexual sensation. Due to its waterproofness, it allows users to take their sex toys in the shower or the bath without worrying about their condition. Although SuperSkin cannot be properly sterilized, it prevents odor and taste from affecting the toy.

In addition, the exterior of the fleshlight is made from ABS plastic, which provides excellent durability and convenience regarding cleaning. This material is safe, non-porous, and odorless, thus requiring little care from the user to keep it clean. Nevertheless, make sure you stay away from oil-based lubricants when using the device, as these are likely to damage the interior sleeve. Instead, use water-based lubricants to prevent deterioration of the material.


Ultimately, color is another important feature to consider when purchasing a fleshlight. These sex toys are available in three basic colors, those being pink, mocha, and ice. Most men prefer the pink variant as it provides an almost identical replica of the female genitalia while the mocha variant is more appropriate for men who like darker skin tones. Conversely, the ice models are entirely transparent, thus enabling the user to have better insight into the masturbation process.


Make sure you choose the right texture, size, and color for maximal pleasure!

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