5 Body Weight Exercises That You Can Perform At Home

5 Body Weight Exercises That You Can Perform At Home

The living room floor is better than a gym, isn’t it – especially for Body Weight Exercise? These exercises you can do with your own body weight are an effective way to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance without any gym equipment or machines. There are a number of bodyweight exercises you can do at home. Whether you are working on the legs, chest, shoulders, or abs, In this article we have discussed 5 bodyweight exercises you need to get stronger using just your body.


Here Are The 5 Body Weight Exercises


Before doing a bodyweight exercise, begin with a short warm-up of five to ten minutes. Marching, walking, even stepping side-to-side can be used as examples. The girls on the female cams at Wowfreecam swear by it and they are some of the most fit women we have ever seen


  1. Pushups

The push-up is a core and upper body exercise that has been around for a long time. You can start off in the plank position, or just lower both knees to the table-top if you are still working on your strength. Perform 4 push-ups, spine neutral, abs in. When performing the 5th pushup, lower yourself halfway and hold for four counts. Repeat the series by doing four regular push-ups and one halfway down. This should be repeated up to two minutes in a row.


  1. Power Planks

As you do a plank, stretch both legs parallel and put hands slightly wider than the shoulders. In order to avoid collapsing into your shoulders or lowering your hips, squeeze your abdominals in and up to engage the core and keep your spine neutral to avoid. Using your hands, push the floor down, so you won’t feel “banana back” when reaching through your crown of the head. Look at the ground or a matter of feet ahead as you reach through the cervical spine, neck. Maintain this pose for the longest possible time, ideally, two minutes are sufficient.


  1. Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is also called the running plank because it targets the entire body. Stand on your knees and hands, then get into the starting position of a sprinter. Place your hands on the floor and step forward with the toes, alternately lifting your knees up to the chest (just like you’re running) for two minutes. Maintain a neutral spine.


  1. Pullups

Performing pull-ups is an effective way to increase upper-body muscles. You might need a doorway or pull-up bar in order to do the pull-up exercise. If you have a playground near your home, you may be able to use the bar there. Hold your arms out in front of you with full extension. Take a deep breath as you reach your chin up towards the bar. Inhale as you lower yourself after pausing at the top. Pull-ups should be repeated at least 5 times, followed by a short break. Gay guys who do live sex on webcams from Gaycamsfun swear by pullups.


  1. Chair Dips

A sturdy chair is all you need for triceps dips. Holding the chair’s edge with your palms down, grip the edges with your hands. You should slide forward so that the edge of the chair is clear of your rear. Make sure that your elbows are 90 degrees bent. Digging your heels into the ground should be done with your knees slightly bent; either barefoot or in athletic shoes, since socks might slip. Start dipping your triceps, elbows close to your sides. You should repeat it for 30 seconds or for up to two minutes.

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