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Regularpinto has struck again, wow what an awesome vid of Mike and his take on art! Must see.




Lonnie Holley, cross-over from folk to funk, read all about it in the NYTimes

Missionary Mary Proctor and Bebo perform Sunday service at Folk Fest 2013 – Amazing Grace

Peter Loose performs Firecracker Hat at Donanny 2013.


Check out the new issue of Atlanta Magazine for a comprehensive update on Paradise Gardens.  Website should update soon. Great reading!


image002A Day in the Country, one of the longest running folk art fairs in America, is only a five weeks away.  Make your plans now to attend.

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save-date-who-2013   Applications are now available online at  Just Do it.




I spoke a length last night with whitney Jones who has been very involved with the gardens and she told me of some interesting and exciting things that are happening. She began her conversation with, “you would believe it” and followed with a discourse describing some of the renovations of the property. It seems that the landscaping and “canals” have been redone. That they are reconstructing the mosaics back to better than original condition and the whole place is not recognizable from its former self. I am sure we will be hearing more at progress continues. For more click here

According to a post by Gretchen Roberts (Brookheaven show) today, Eddie King is no longer with us. You can go

to his fan page on FB for more.






Jerry Saltz on the Outsider Art Fair

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