Top Tips to Boost Your Sexual Performance

Top Tips to Boost Your Sexual Performance

Top Ways to Boost Your Sexual Performance

Sex is an important thing for men and women so why not boost your sexual performance. Sexual performance issues can wreak or boost your confidence, so finding triggers that can get you on top of your game could help you add some more fun to your relationship. But as people age, some bodily functions, including sexual performance, are affected and may not be as strong as before.

Regardless of the reason you’re losing your sexual performance, there are few things you can do to stir things up and get back the energy. With a $600 loan, you can make your bedroom a cradle of happiness and arousal, but most importantly, you should consider these tips to transform your sexual performance. 

Focus on Foreplay

Understanding sexual performance definition means you don’t need to only focus on the penetrative act of sex. Foreplay is vital to enjoying good sex. Actually, some of the men who experience erectile dysfunction may be encouraged after learning they don’t need an erection to satisfy their spouses. Of course, an erection will make things exciting, but you could still perform incredibly well if you know how to approach foreplay.

Foreplay includes kissing, touching, and oral sex. Lasting foreplay can improve the experience of all involved. It’s especially important for women. According to a 2017 study, only about 18% of women experience an orgasm from intercourse alone. The same study showed that 36.6% of women said clitoral stimulation helped them get an orgasm during intercourse.

Manage Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can trigger higher production of the stress hormone, which lowers testosterone levels that plays a part in giving you a sex drive. You could get male sexual performance issues from stress and anxiety, so dealing with these problems could restore your performance. These feelings can distract you from sexual intimacy besides lowering your sex drive. If you feel anxious about your performance sexually, you may get the excitement about sex and be less engaged during it.

Some of the ways you can manage anxiety include:

·       Focusing on physical sensations than your sexual performance

·       Meditating

·       Getting more sleep

·       Exercising

·       Working to improve your relationships

·       Spending time on your favorite hobby

·       Going to a therapy

Get More Exercise

When reviewing sexual performance meaning, you will also find that there’s a physical aspect of it that you must fulfill. Maintaining a physically active lifestyle can also lower risk factors for heart conditions, thereby helping you improve sexual function. Conditions like diabetes can destroy nerves, which influences the amount of blood getting to your penis. This makes it difficult to get and keep erections. Besides, having regular sex can improve your mental health, reduce anxiety, and help you feel better about your body.

Men can draw benefits from exercising muscles involved in ejaculation and arousal. This exercise may help:

·       While urinating, pause the flow and release after about two seconds. Repeat a few times to identify the muscles involved.

·       When you’re not urinating, contract those muscles for about 10 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds and repeat.

Explore Counseling

To keep sexual performance high, you also need to consider psychological aspects that may affect your performance. Most erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors, including relationship problems, social stigma from penis size and aging, anxiety, depression, and untreated mental health problems. Individual counseling will help you address the contribution of these factors to poor sexual performance. You can use relationship counseling to speak openly about your sexuality without judgment or shame. When you have an underlying issue, counseling can be a good way to cope with the stress while discussing options with your partner.

Talk to a Doctor

Some medications can help improve sexual function, but before you take any drugs, you should seek the opinion of a medical doctor. Diagnosing your situation will allow you to understand what the underlying cause of poor sexual performance is. Maybe it’s some drugs you take that are affecting your performance. Medications like antidepressants can change how you ejaculate and could lower your sexual desire.

Try New Ideas

If you want to beat sexual performance anxiety, try new ideas because sexual pleasure thrives in a place of excitement and passion. If you have had the same partner for a long time, it can start feeling routine, and this may kill the excitement. The secret to improving sexual performance anxiety is exploring something new with your partner outside your bedroom, including cooking together, hiking, seeing a new band, trying a new sport, and going to a movie. This will help you feel connected, and the excitement from the new activity will carry over to the bedroom.


It’s possible to rekindle the spark in your bedroom by addressing the problems causing poor sexual performance. From physical factors to psychological conditions, there are many reasons you might be experiencing performance problems in the bedroom. If you notice you have these changes, you should not panic as there are ways to fix everything.

How much does sexual performance influence the connection in your relationship? Share your experience in the comments. 

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