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Dadaism is an interesting movement originating in the early 20th century as a response to the war and the rapid rise and influence of the bourgeois. With the expansion of the middle class over the upper and lower classes, society was beginning to look much alike. Working men and women were beginning to develop similar ideologies, ways of life, styles and increasingly similar ways of thinking and logic. It was these latter ideals that were concerning the Dadaists who believed that the bourgeois ideals of nationalism and colonial interests were responsible for the war.

Dadaism Sextoys

What makes Dadaism so intriguing is that the concept of Dadaism by its own nature and admission must also be against itself this would happen in the extreme corners of Dadaism (every movement has members of unfathomable fervour that dictate the extreme edges of the movement) where they were so intent on opposing all norms of bourgeois culture. The movement began to become a seeming rejection of logic, government, nationalism, and colonial interests – whilst it has been described as a ‘spectacle of collective homocide’ (Kliener, 2006) its focus was on prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition. At it’s core though – Dadaism was simply a matter of rejecting common ways of thinking originating from the nationalist bourgeois. Where the bourgeois would develop an aesthetic interest, it was Dada’s intent to oppose that interest; if art was intended to appeal to the individual then Dada would subvert that ideal into an intention to offend.

Dada attempted to ‘ignore’ aesthetics. However, in doing so it produced a dichotomy of aesthetics which would inevitably develop its own flair and style. That can also be translated to adult toys – the very style of the toys from the wonderful creators of Divine Interventions is meant to offend in a cheeky way of mocking religion. They consist of fun and playful toys which include a baby Jesus butt plug, a bible Masturbator, a Buddha’s dildo and a jackhammer Jesus. These toys exist in a world where sex toys are meant to be separated from religion – this almost Dadaist ideal subverts that notion whereby it dismisses the traditional ways of thinking about religion and sex toys and unites them.

religion and sextoys

This inevitably creates a certain aesthetic style. It is therefore impossible to have no aesthetic appeal, or rather, create an object that is against aesthetic appeal because you must have something to appeal against – and in creating that contrast – you’ll find yourself back at square one. Rejecting the traditional aesthetic design of toys and understanding that the idea of sex and nature aren’t two concepts that need to be viciously separated – BMS Factory utilised the essence of nature and the sense of natural in their design of toys for the Leaf Series. Based on designs and elements found within nature these sex toys demonstrate how a rejection of the traditional ways of thinking can be utilised.


What Dadaism didn’t realise at the time through their attempted destruction of the standard ways of thinking was how much of a force of change they could be. In a way similar to the extreme Socialist Alternative of today’s political sphere, Dadaism had a goal; to see the destruction of ideologies based on the working class, government and the removal of nationalist thought. What Dadaism and the Socialist Alternative don’t have, is a plan for after that goal – and therein lays the reason why as to why neither movement could have, nor ever will succeed. Dadaism therefore can be likened to a failed attempt to deconstruct aesthetics in order to critique and argue against increasingly normal and standard ways of thinking.  Look at the people who can quite easily be argued to be modern day Dadaists; Yoko Ono, Madonna and Lady Gaga.

madonna and lady gaga

All three of these individuals claim to be unique, claim to be outside the realm of definition and style – yet by that very nature they have created an aesthetic which is invariably them but also represents a resounding sense of logic and style that inevitably transcends to their fans and devotees. Their chaos is the very essence of their brand, that chaos is both at once chaotic but also predictable. It’s marketable and it has a force. Again, we can see how elements of Dadaism can be subverted, taken on board and used in a sense of good and to be a catalyst for change so long as it has a long term goal in mind. Madonna and her ways of thinking, paved roads of gold for feminist thought and Lady Gaga quickly became a champion for all those that were considered different or, as she affectionately calls them, ‘monsters’. By the very nature of loving or hating them they have created an unavoidable aesthetic. With that in mind when Dadaism states that it can ignore aesthetics – it simply cant. Any variation of the general ideal of modern aesthetics would simply become another facet of thought. At the core of Dadaism lies a simple fundamental thought – to combat traditional ways of thinking that arose from colonial and nationalist perspectives within the bourgeois. At the end of the day however, the middle class is what dictates the way the world works – the popular vote of governments, the primary spending power of the economy and the simple notion that collective thought is something that we as humans will never escape from.

The Dadaartistry Of Adult Toys

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Adult Toy Dada Artistry | Who-Ha Da-Da Adult Toys


How design is empowering us to feel good, from the inside out.

When we consider notions such as aesthetically pleasing, or good design, or even modern design, sex shops—with their neon lights, darkened out windows, shabby looking items, and dimly lit stores—are not the first thing that will come to mind. However, that’s changing. There’s been a fundamental shift in recent years to not only create a classy adult toy, but to also change the way that those toys are sold and to present them in a classy, friendly and up-market manner. There are adult stores now that are now situated in prime real estate locations all around the world. These new breed of adult stores are situated on ground floors in the middle of CBD’s and can be brightly lit and aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, New York interior designer Karim Rashid, has renovated several of the Fun Factory stores in Munich owned by the international toy company, Fun Factory. His intention was to create a store and environment driven by emotions such as desire, and passion – a simple look through some of the below photos will demonstrate how his vision has transpired.

buy funfactory

Fun factory released an official statement in regards to the new design where they dismissed the old preconceptions of adult stores and the usual clichés associated with them and that the New Munich Fun Factory store is a store that satisfies primal desire. Sex toys should no longer be considered marginal and taboo and ‘sex and sex toys, like design, are now ubiquitous’ Rashid released in a statement. ‘The underlying narratives of sex toys . . .are desire, form, seduction, beauty, and physicality.’

futuristic sextoys

It is thus clear then that in order to update themselves with such futuristic and forward thinking notions – adult toys must also undergo renovations. There have been many innovative leaps on the technological aspect, but the simple design of toys has sometimes been lacking. Indeed, Sex toys have endured terrible designs for years, which, is in part thanks to the social shame of purchasing or owning an adult toy and it is this internalised social shame which makes it harder for customers to stand up and grumble when they're unhappy with a toys design. As it would turn out, who in their right mind are going to mount an open crusade if their vibrator is excessively clumsy, poorly designed, breaking easily, poor quality materials or even just unhappy with their purchases. This, thanks in part to the internet, is rapidly changing. There are online bloggers, crusaders that are speaking out against the adult toy industry and whom are forcing the manufacturers to listen to their customer base, actively work with them in designing and making toys that are not only practical – but also don’t look like they’re still from the eighties.

This is where the good news comes to the table. Luckily for ladies (and men) all around, a small bunch of innovative designers are planning to push awful sex toys to the edges by applying attentive design to the toys we use for joy.  These companies are listening to their clients and use feedback to constantly improve their toy lines. Companies such as Jimmyjane, Lelo, We Vibe, Fun Factory to name a few companies that are utilising creative directors and aesthetic  pleasure to design their new ranges of toys. Indeed, in a nod to bringing sex toys to the mainstream Luxury Swedish Company, Lelo, has produced a film called beyond the wave. Their reasoning behind bringing out a short film is:

‘To encourage couples to connect with the story, and through the act of watching the movie itself show the richness of different perspectives. That’s also the thinking behind the interactive PlayTogether experience – by bringing couples closer, physically and emotionally. The trailer becomes a catalyst for a rich, shared experience that’s fun and completely unique; the act of becoming a part of the journey together overtakes the action itself.’

Have a look for yourself and you be the judge!


It’s clear that toy companies are bringing sex toys to the forefront of design in an attempt to surpass the social awkwardness of owning one.  Indeed, Yves Behar, Chief Creative Director of the wearable technology Jawbone has also teamed up with the CEO of Jimmy Jane Ethan Imboden, to design modern sex toys and to free the fate of old sex toys making dusty racks in sleazy shops. The aim is to lift up the standards and to make sex toys look and feel where they should be up to in terms of practicality, design and innovativeness.

The DaDaAesthetics Adult Toys

Dada Aesthetics in Adult Toys | Adult Toy Aesthetics

Dadaism Aesthetics In Adult Industry | Sex Toy Aesthetics


Tor II: Where Design, Function and Couples Fun Unite.

The beautiful individuals at LELO have released another of their beautiful toys and delightfully apt ‘objects of pleasure’ this time – geared towards a guy and his female lover. The Tor II is a new cock ring whose sole purpose is to bring pleasure into the bedroom for couples. As with all cock rings – it has multiple purposes; the first being is that it helps maintain erections by limiting blood flow to the penile region. This limited blood flow allows rock hard erections that last longer than normal. This cock ring is of a beautiful design, both aesthetically pleasing with a practical purpose. It comes in several colours including purple, black and green. With a smooth velvet silicone finish, it will not become tacky, dry or sticky. The silicone, so long as it is maintained, will always stay velvety smooth with a little give in it. Unfortunately, if you’re quite girthy (as in need specialised condoms) this toy will not fit you and you’ll need to stick to the much lower quality rubber cock rings with much more stretch in them. The tor II is the epitome of class and design – intended for the guy that knows what he likes and how he likes it.

Lelo Australia

Cock rings are also well known for their ability to delay ejaculation and increase the intensity of the male orgasm. The constriction of the shaft means that the muscles have to work that touch bit harder which can have profound impact upon your orgasm. Where this becomes a couple’s toy however – is in the vibrations.

At the top of this little ring – is a very powerful motorised bullet which delivers intense vibrations to not only the penis and balls, but also to the clitoris as penetrative sex occurs. With each thrust, the motor will rest on the clitoris which can certainly help with rhythm training – after a few goes with a toy like this your technique will be vastly improved! That’s not to say you don’t already have a fantastic technique, but there’s always room for growth, trying new things, or simply to just spice it up. So maybe, rather than taking your sweetheart out for dinner for an anniversary or for date night – maybe you should buy both of you a beautifully exquisite cock ring. Indeed, why should you settle for a dinner at a restaurant (which, predictably, will have a particularly pricey menu particularly for a simple nights pleasure), when you could be unwinding at home experimenting with what LELO showcases as "The World's Most Powerful Waterproof and Rechargeable Couples' Ring"? It is designed to bring delight to both of you and will be lasting long into the night after that last glass of wine. What’s even better is that it is perfectly suited for round two in the shower as the new design makes this sexy little bad boy completely waterproof.

lelo cock ring

The configuration of the TOR II is pretty much as smooth and attractive as the other vibrators within the Lelo range, it screams class. This company pays attention to detail and you’ll see that when you first pick up a Lelo box and the way that it has been packaged. It sports a quality silicone one-piece shell - meaning it's completely protected, solid and 100% waterproof (thanks to a new style of charger).  By waterproof I mean that you can even use it in the shower and spa! It has a mixture of different features and vibrations which can be easily customised at various levels. What I mean by that is that the pulses on it can be set at different levels of vibrations – so rather than a set speed and a set style of pulse you can mix and match your pleasure at your whimsical desires.

Having only attempted an disposable rings before and some of the battery operated cock rings I was extremely impressed with the force of the vibrations from the TOR II and it absolutely hit the spot for both myself and my girlfriend. The only kind of downside that I felt was that the vibrations to some degree distracted from the normal pleasures I feel during sex, and because the toy is thicker than some other cock rings the depth of the sex was a smidgeon shorter than normal. In any case, I think I’d just become accustomed to particular sensations during sex and in any case, even this won't stop us using it again. I can certainly see how it would be to a great degree helpful to a few individuals in the circumstance where a female needs additional excitement or when a guy needs to last a touch longer, the TOR II would without a doubt be for you.


We-Vibe 4 Plus – Ergonomically Correct Design:

The We Vibe four plus is a prime example where sleek design meets the current technology. The we-vibe family is world renowned for being one of the most sophisticated couple’s toys on the markets. In fact, it has a unique design that is shared by no-one else in the world. The we-vibe family started back a few years ago when its founder was dismayed to discover the amount of sex toys on the market which contained toxic or harmful chemicals. As well as that, there was no toy on the market which was specifically geared towards couples – indeed every toy on the market at the time was female orientated. That’s not to say that you couldn’t use a vibrator on your partner, just that it wasn’t specifically tailored towards them. The We-Vibe – emerging on the market in 2008 – changed that drastically. The We-Vibe is worn by a female during sex; it focuses specifically on her two most pleasurable centres; the g-spot and the clitoris. It provides direct vibration to those two key areas during sex whereby it then vibrates on the shaft of the penis as well – delivering powerful vibrations to everyone involved! Check the picture below as a visual representation of how this works.

pleasure sex

The First we-vibes were not remote controlled, and were instead controlled by a small button hidden in the top clitoral vibrator. This was later scrapped as it was considered clunky and annoying; in order to change the setting one had to grip tightly on a presumably lubricated product in order to change the setting. It didn’t take long for we-vibe to respond. In 2011 the we-vibe three hit the markets. Similar shape as before, but now it was waterproof, and had a remote control added in! The we-vibe four changed the shape and material of the toy to make it more form fitting and body hugging to remove the issues people had before with it falling out. Now introduce the We-vibe four plus. The we vibe four plus is a rechargeable couples toy that comes with a huge guarantee in the sex industry; firstly it is the biggest selling couples toy on the market. Secondly; it is one of the few toys that come with a one year replacement warranty. Finally a company that protects its consumers! The four plus ditched it’s rechargeable remote idea in favour of a battery operated remote (a reason I’m still not entirely sure about) but In one of the most innovative advancements I’ve seen for a while – they added the capability to control the we-vibewith an app.

we vibe 4

The We-Vibe 4 or more has an astounding new element; it permits ones partner to control the vibrator over long distances. I don't mean remote control (in spite of the fact that the We-Vibe 4 Plus does additionally accompany a remote, for short separation control) i‘m talking about anywhere in the world kind of control. Couples can download an application to their cell phones and utilize this to join and play with the We-Vibe 4, whether they are in the same room, or in distinctive nations. So long as the phone it has an internet connection can control the we-vibe four from anywhere in the world. But that wasn’t good enough – not only did they have to give you control from anywhere in the world – but they also let you completely customise the toys vibrations with your fingertips. You can create your own custom vibrations and save them ready to implement at a moment’s notice.

we vibe vibrators

All you have to do is have the couple using the toy download the app. You have to match up your We-Vibe 4 Plus to the app – don’t panic, it’s not an overly difficult process and the app will pretty much walk you through it. It’ll take roughly about 1.7 minutes of your time. It connects by means of Bluetooth LE (and Bluetooth LE compatible phones) and once matched up, you can control the toy through your mobile phone. For your lover to control the toy, they need to have the app as well. When they have it, you load up your app – it’ll send your partner a message with a link – click it and off you go! If it sounds like fun – it is because it is fun!

The we-vibe four is a fantastic toy for couples that like to travel apart a lot, either through business or pleasure. Or even couples that enjoy the standard cock ring but want something with more longevity to it.The we-vibes innovative features are new to the market and I for one, certainly hope that we see more of them.

The Art of Manufacturers of Adult Toys

Dada Sex Toy Manufacturers | What Is Dada

What is Dadaism | What is A Dadaist




Looking to find out about body-safe sex toys, but don’t know which companies you can trust?  Below is a list of companies that produce sex toys that are made of safe materials:

Trusted Toy Companies on the forefront of technological advancement and design.



Aneros Prostate Stimulators got their beginnings as a restorative gadget for the treatment of prostatitis, a therapeutic condition that causes swelling of the prostate organ. Doctors began to give Aneros (sold under an alternate name) out to their patients for treatment, however much to their perplexity, the patients were not returning them. In the wake of losing a large portion of these therapeutic gadgets, inquisitive doctors began to ask, "Why are you not giving them back?" The reality was that men were reporting that they were encountering stunningly unique climaxes, not quite the same as they had ever experienced previously, and they were reluctant to give the devices up having grown accustomed to them 

BMS Factory

BMS Factory

BMS Factory not only makes the award winning leaf collection but they’re also the designers and creators of the delightfully beautiful swan range – an arrangement of vibrators displayed after natural shapes found within nature which are intended to offer most extreme joy in an exceptionally unique way. Organizer and CEO Steve Banister started offering quality grown-up items in 1983 and from that point forward, has made BMS Factory one of the biggest international toy organisations. They've won numerous awards such as being the beneficiary of the XBiz Award for Sex Toy Company of the Year.

Fun Factory

Fun Factory

Established in the late 90’s, the Fun Factory ideology involves plans to blend style, quality, and usefulness with extraordinarily looking and well-made German toys. In 2008, they won the Reddot Design Award for the DeLight Vibrator, turning into the first organization to get an design prize for an adult toy – the company has been making impressive strides both visually and technologically since. FUN FACTORY is known for having a wide mixed bag of toys and exceptional expectations of development, and also brilliant toy colours like apple green. They are unique in their style and their use. Alongside dildos and vibrators, the organization offers an array of body paints and salves through their Bodycare line that are the ideal backup to their bubbly and vivacious toys.



Jimmyjane attempts to subvert everything you thought you knew about adult toys and reclassify them into practical, functional and artistic works of art. Joining complex item advancement with exclusive innovation, their product range has been created in order to encourage couple connectivity, pleasure and joy without compromising the style of the toy, or challenging peoples personal values. Jimmy Jane accepts that sexuality is as multifaceted, fluid and as intricate as a snowflake. Instead of creating items that scream sex appeal, they prefer items with a sense of mystery and possibility – leaving much of the product use to the imagination. Aside from making vibrators, they also offer ceramic based massagers and sensual massage oil candles.



Tantus, Inc is the originator of silicone toys for the consumer sector that are mass produced. They are focused on putting resources into body safe toys made only in the USA. They are situated in Sparks, Nevada, and are the biggest maker of silicone toys in the United States and they have recently began to spread throughout the world. They create vibrators, dildos, butt-attachments and strap-ons. With cheeky, inventive mottos and marketing methods, as well as a promise to quality, Tantus is one of the pioneers in the business.



Tenga’s focus is on cocks and making cocks happy. The greater part of their product range is intended to bring masturbation and sexual wellbeing out of hiding and into general society in the sense that masturbation should be considered a normal and healthy part of a males life.Because of this ideology, Tenga toys are created with the idea of style and usefulness rather than simply attempting to duplicate or mimic the look and feel of body parts. Their thoroughness is the thing that makes Tenga items really wonderful to see and use. As a Japanese company there’ve really made a cheeky and fun marketing campaign and as such – tenga has quickly become a much loved institution not only for their innovativeness and style, but also for the way the company approaches life in a fun and entertaining manner.



 If you’re a girl, and you loved the nineties and early naughties you’d know about sex and the city and the episode that started the what is now known as the rabbit craze which made the rabbit a family name. Well you can say your thank you’s toward Vibratexcompany for that toy! Vibratex, Inc. is a second generation, family-claimed business which shaped in 1983 taking into account the interest for well-made, top notch vibrators for ladies. The rabbit is a unique style of vibrator that provides stimulation for both the g-spot and clitoris at the same time. Their objective is to grow new plans and materials that will suit buyers searching for erotic, well-made vibrators and delightful toys for people of all shapes, sizes and sexuality. They do have a few vinyl toys amongst their product range and as vinyl can be quite porous we would advise using this particular product range. Everything else in the vibratex family is beautiful and safe and easy to use.



Standard Innovation is a Canadian-based organization that is committed to sexual wellbeing and health. They are best known their imaginative couples toy, the We-Vibe – the first toy of its kind that was intended to fit between two bodies whilst having sex. The founder of the We-Vibe company was dismayed by the amount of products on the market that contained toxic chemicals and were also poorly designed with ineffective life spans.

 The organization has extended their family to incorporate a small number of specific yet incredibly made products that showcase form, functionality and power. The Tango is a fabulous rechargeable bullet vibe with an extremely powerful engine and vibration design. Their silicone toys are made out of restorative evaluation silicone, and their items are devoid latex, hypoallergenic, and non-harmful. They are additionally eco-accommodating, with the majority of their items produced in a carbon impartial procedure leaving zero carbon foot shaped impression.